IMG 8519

Unique, handmade pieces of exceptional craftmanship in classic design!

IMG 8522

Use your silver tableware for serving dessert and many more…

IMG 8520

Add a flower bouquet in your centre piece! One of a kind piece!

IMG 8521

Do use you sterling silver pitcher as a vase, for everyday moments.

IMG 8535

Unique luxury in your home. Sterling silver tableware, tea set, candle snuffer, candelabrum 7 lights.

IMG 8517

Tea pot in modern design, ideal for a relaxing table setting.

IMG 8548

Everything set for an afternoon tea! Add value with a sterling silver tea pot!

IMG 8526

Elegant and refined elegance!

IMG 8527

Unique, iconinc collections, exact replica from the cycladic art.

IMG 8528

Decorative bowls make a striking impression in your personal spaces.

IMG 8552

Olive wreath

Symbol of appreaciation, peace and life!

IMG 8516

Geometrical tea set and bottle in minimal design.

IMG 8531

Remarkable detail the stand for the table sitting for your banquet.

IMG 8529

For the wedding cake use sterling silver spatula and accessories. Ideal for wedding presents also!

IMG 8215

Sterling silver place mat and stirrer in modern design!

IMG 8533

Elegant detail, a handamde spatula for delicious desserts!

IMG 8530

Sterling silver flatware, refined elegance!

pic 171

Just place your pomegranate collection in this elegant bowl and upgrade your home decoration!

IMG 8546

Sterling silver photo frames, ideal for your wedding memories!

IMG 8542

Sterling silver salt and pepper set.

Elegant simplicity for the banquet, ideal gift for any occassion.

IMG 8515

Contemporary setting, geometrical candleholders of different heights.

IMG 8965

Pearl set of earrings and ring with gold K18 and diamonds, ideal for every day use, impose them and impress…

IMG 8975

Highly aesthetic jewelry in yellow gold K18 in archaic and modern design…

IMG 8991

Amber, moonstone, citrine and diamonds… all set in yellow and white gold K18, valuable pieces, for unique styling!

IMG 8994

Citrine, irregular shape, set with yellow gold K18… Elegant and timeless jewelry, of high aesthetic value in classic design…

IMG 9009

Whitegold jewelry in gold K18, transfusing elegance in every appearance, just wear them and make a lasting impression…

IMG 9011 scaled

Heart shape pendant, solitaire, rings and cufflinks…

Ideal gifts for the married couple!

IMG 9035

Handmade pieces og aquamarine and pearls, jewelry of refined design and unparalled beauty…

Just upgrade your personal collection!

IMG 9037

Aquamarines, rose quartz, amethyst and rubies…

Unique colour range, welcome Spring!

IMG 9040

Unique, timeless, superb jewelry of rose and grey pearls of unparalleled beauty and design. Ideal for the modern woman!

IMG 9041

Alluring and chic gold rings in minimal design, ideal for every woman with style and elegance!

IMG 9042

Rose and grey pearls in classic and modern design, high spirited jewelry for all women!

IMG 9045

Pearl necklace and set of earrings in yellow gold K18, ideal gift for the bride!

IMG 9044

Handmade, whitegold K18 jewelry of refined design! Men’s cross and cufflinks in minimal design, ideal gift for the modern man!

IMG 9053

Necklace, heart pendant, rings with diamonds or with citrine and diamonds, valuable and dazzling collection in modern design!

IMG 8956 1

Handmade bracelet and necklace of unparalleled beauty in byzantine style, ideal jewelry for your wedding day!

IMG 9038

Bracelet and rings in yellow gold K18 and amethyst in all available colour tones… just get a summer mood!

IMG 9047

Hammered necklace, bracelet and earrings in yellow gold K18 in archaic design. Earrings cross and bracelet with aquamarines and yellow gold K18 in modern design. Handmade and majestic!

IMG 9050

A modern collection of pearl jewelry with yellow gold K18 of refined design… Quality and timeless majestic elegance!

IMG 9052

Unique, supreme yellow gold K18 rings set with diamonds that will upgrade not only your personal jewelry collection but your style also!

IMG 8514

Timeless sterling silver frame, column candleholders and plain bowl.