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Silver wedding favors, an everlasting keepsake.

Orders by arrangement.

They are being offered with their certificates in a luxury package with sugared almonds.

Ideal for engraving initials or date.

Summer collection with shells.

Silver-gold plated shells.

Silver tree, silver-gold plated starfish on handmade boxes.

Silver hummered bowl with engraving

Silver shells. Neck motifs, table items box.

Silver spinner with clover.

Round box with olive wreath.

Round box with turquoise.

Heart shapped box with pink quartz.

Silver bowl, boxes and motifs.

Handmade silver hats for Baptism Favors.

Silver bowls, olive wreath and leaves, on handmade boxes.

Olive wreath and leaf

Silver flower pots, leaf-shaped bowl and lucky charms.

Silver rattle with a hand.

Silver bowl with an olive braunch.

Silver motif starfish in a plexiglass box.

Engraved silver box.