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PEARLS PEARLS NATURE’S MIRACLE! Pearls are known since antiquity, in their passage they have charmed all women! It is the only classic piece of jewelry from generation to generation for the last 3000 years. Modern Greek jewelry is distinguished for its quality and variety of designs. With influences from ancient Greece, Byzantine and Classical periods, […]

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DIAMONDS It’s the king of gems due to rarity, blinding shine and great hardness. The diamond is one of the few gems that consists of a single chemical element, pure carbon. Its crystal structure is extremely compact and that’s where it owes its great hardness and priceless value. “A custom of recent decades is that […]

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Precious Metals

1.SILVER (SILVER AG) It is a soft white and shiny metal, the best conductor of heat and extremely ductile. We rarely find native silver in nature. Most of it is mainly produced as a byproduct from mining of other elements such as copper or lead. RATING-PURITY The purity of silver is expressed in millimeters (rate […]

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Precious Gems

SILVER (SILVER AG) The name “ruby” is reserved for the beautiful red gems, from orange to purple red. The most sought-after are distinguished for their warm and bright red colour due to the presence of chromium. Ruby is cut into brilliant cut, pear-shaped, square or cabochon. Sometimes a cabochon can present rutile needle-like inclusions, causing […]

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Silverware Maintenance

Silverware Maintenance Our company uses only pure silver. One of the most beautiful and fine metals. With proper care will maintain its beauty for many generations! The pure silver yellows as time goes by, especially if exposed to salt, extreme heat or polluted air. However an object that is conserved regularly is easy to maintain its […]